Welcome to the Alexander Technique

with Annalisa Faenza MSTAT.
Lessons offered in South Manchester.

If you want to participate actively in your well-being and get the best out of yourself then this is for you.

The Alexander Technique is a practical self-help method which improves our everyday life by a gradual process of re-education of the use of ourselves. It is also a powerful tool for self development.

It can help with:

  • neck and shoulder problems
  • stress and tension, headaches
  • breathing and voice problems
  • greater ease in walking, running and swimming
  • posture and general self-awareness
  • pregnancy and childbirth


For up-to-date research information visit www.stat.org.uk (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).

Contact me: annalisa@didsburyalexandertechnique.com or 07762 544 324.